Save on utilities. Reduce energy use.

Manage property maintenance costs.

Manage optimum energy use at all locations.
Have your team monitor current costs and introduce power-saving solutions.

Who will benefit?

Retail chains


Compare energy consumption between various shops. Find correlations (energy costs vs shop location). Use economies of scale – even a moderate consumption decrease per shop gives noticeable savings across the chain.

Shopping Centers


Monitor energy use in real time. Analyze deviations and find their causes. Forecast energy costs with precision. Your actions support cost optimization across the entire organization.

Office buildings


Successfully meet the challenge of lowering the energy costs of the building while maintaining a high satisfaction level among your customers.

Warehouses, wholesale outlets


Large-scale industrial and commercial buildings are expensive to maintain. Energy efficiency is within your reach thanks to easy-to-use yet effective energy consumption analysis.

Your job has just become easier

  • Monitor the exact operation time of appliances. Use information provided by Bilander to perform fine-tuning (decrease energy waste).
  • Observe energy use levels at individual stores. Select the most efficient ones and promote best practices across the chain.
  • Compare invoices vs real consumption.
  • Analyze the true energy costs produced by appliances.
  • Monitor the energy consumption level against the current weather conditions.
  • Find out where and what kind of breakdowns are the most frequent.
  • Find out how an equipment downtime event affects the company (lost sales analysis).
  • Easily control every detail of your budget, adding detailed financial and itemized information.
  • Evaluate the profitability of an upgrade / exchange of equipment.
  • Easily customize the system to the level of technical sophistication of your stores / locations.
  • Seamlessly start analyzing data from newly installed devices (e.g. new sensors).
  • Expand the system with new modules anytime you wish.
  • Examine the impact of equipment operation on customer behavior.
  • Save time – define drafts of analyses ready to use anytime (e.g. comparisons in time, between locations, cyclical reports).
  • Improve internal information flow with analysis sharing.
  • Save analyses with one click in a format of your choice (e.g. PDF, PowerPoint, Excel, PNG).
  • Forget manual analysis updating – Bilander downloads fresh data automatically 24/7.
  • See data from all systems in a new light, gathered in one place.
  • Adapt to your needs – custom-fit analyses the way you want them, with corporate colors applied to visualizations.
  • Analyze any timespan using data filtering.
  • Define key indicators. Make changes in analyses without involving the IT department.
  • Enable the simultaneous work of many team members in compliance with their access levels.
  • Share reports while the system takes care of data security (each person will see information according to his/her access level).
  • Define the scope of data access permissions of every user.

How about making it faster and easier to work with data?

A full-fledged analysis suite

We are Bilander. We develop a business intelligence technology.
Our toolset has prooved its abilities while working for the most demanding companies (IBM, Energa, Lotos).

Bilander is responsive. It has a full spectrum of useful functionalities. All accessible right from the start.

Your benefits

Have all the important information within reach

Bilander helps you carry out your daily duties

Najlepsze energooszczędne rozwiązania dla sklepów możesz stosować w całej sieci. Znajdź najbardziej wydajne lokalizacje i zacznij stosować ich praktyki w pozostałych.

Check the current energy consumption, e.g. in any store or an entire network of branches scattered across any area.

Find the most energy-efficient facility. Analyze their practices, and on that basis develop good practices for all institutions.

Find out how can you work easier and faster