Bilander helps managers solve business problems

We’re a team of engineers and data scientists. We’ve created a business intelligence software using our experience in data analytics. We built the toolset based on thousands of interactions with users.

From the very beginning, our Design Team was focused on user experience. We want Bilander to bring measurable benefits from day one of working for you and your organization.

Bilander is designed to streamline your business processes

Discover business opportunities

Use the data visualization tools to quickly find new possibilities for your organization.

Save time

Quit loosing countless working hours spent on manual reporting and analysis.

Act with no delay

Stay ahead of the competition. Monitor current situation of the company 24/7.

Detect threats in time

Automatic notifications (built into Bilander) warn you before problems become serious.

We are a team of business experts

Bilander speaks the language of business and understands the challenges faced by managers.

Piotr Janczyk is the founder of the Bilander Group and the first architect of its technology.

For the last 10 years he’s been leading a team of experts focused on creating business intelligence software.

He also acts as a business consultant at the C-suite level.

Having worked for many years with data, Piotr is an expert in the domain of data integration and managerial analytics.

He transforms business objectives into technology (Bilander software).

Data analysis is our domain

The core team of engineers and experts at the Bilander Group, gained experience while implementing projects (macroeconomic data analytics) for organizations such as the International Monetary Fund, Volkswagen and DHL.

Cooperation with American partners was intense and successful. Bilander was also joined by Bob Scott, a former CTO at Global Insight Inc. We formed a formidable team that built a world-class toolset covering the areas crucial to every manager.

Bilander is designed to increase the efficiency of your enterprise

We’ve created a complete system for data analysis and reporting. It helps to solve real business problems faced by the most demanding and complex organizations.

Business solutions for the most demanding

We are experts in business analytics. The tools we’ve created help businesses become more efficient. They are able to improve their net worth and gain a competitive edge. Bilander is used by some of the most demanding organizations.

Our technology brings measurable gains from the very first day. It’s flexible and practical. We designed Bilander software to be easy to implement. And, what’s more important, to be managed by business users in organizations of any given size.

Find out how can you work easier and faster