Retail is faster than ever

Bilander supports the growth of your sales network

A complete system to analyze your data

Being up-to-date with information helps you to stay in the lead. Spot the threats and opportunities before your competition does. Take advantage of the market situation.

Bilander usprawnia procesy realizacji celów

Teamwork, report sharing

Act as a team. End the era of manual data exchange, updates and analysis. All information is accessible 24/7. On any device (Bilander is responsive).

Multiple functions to support you

Bilander helps you every day. It offers quite a few useful functions: revenue analysis, sales progress tracking or even profiling offers for specific customer groups.

Why Bilander?

We’ve designed a toolset to support efficient sales network management. While using Bilander, you can be on the ball without the need to replace current systems.

  • Financial liquidity – monitor and immediately find the warning signals (easily define your own alerts to indicate which values are exceeded).
  • Automatic analysis and rankings – use them to control costs, earnings, profitability (branch network, categories and product lines).
  • A rich set of indicators – monitor turnover, profitability, debt, labor costs and many other areas. Define new indicators and modify existing ones on your own (no need for IT support).
  • Sales performance – monitor your teams without effort.
  • Optimize employment – have a plan for individual stores as well as the entire network.
  • Lost sales analysis – use it to measure and prevent the loss of revenue.
  • Demand forecasting – precisely plan supplies, staff coverage, timing of promotional campaigns, etc. It brings a completely new class of sales planning.
  • Pricing policy (prices / discounts / margins) – get an accurate overview of the revenue, increase the income.
  • Trends and seasonality – predict, control and use it for the benefit of your business.
  • Keep an eye on the inventory, control the rotation.
  • Observe and optimize the cost of storage.
  • Reduce the occurrence of delivery errors.
  • Minimize the number of incomplete orders.
  • Efficiency of marketing campaigns – monitor them order to improve your future efforts.
  • Promotion profitability – get to know the actual value, measure the real income.
  • Promotion added margin evaluation – specify a margin that you want to achieve in the planned promotion.
  • Promotions management – evaluate the impact of current actions on complementary and substitutional products.
  • Explore the habits, behavior and needs of your customers.
  • Build loyalty and increase sales with new understanding.

Is data flooding your company too?

Number of stores
Number of employees
Number of receipts / day

Analyze the performance of your sales network

Analyze and get to know your customers

Understand the habits and behavior of customers to increase sales and build loyalty.