A complete solution to streamline processes

Improve cooperation between departments within the company.

  • Create a uniform model of budgeting / controlling, by leveraging a shared data format across the company.
  • Reduce the time and effort to create budgets by using pre-built & self-created templates, including profit and loss accounting, and balance and cash flows.
  • Have all departments use the same data, but adapted for each department’s needs, as in bookkeeping, controlling and production.
  • Export and import data from Excel.
  • Use only relevant data – information submitted by various departments is immediately available.
  • Easily use the performance data to make plans for the following year.
  • Work with an efficient system that doesn’t burden your existing IT systems. Analyze millions of lines of data without impacting system performance.

Examples include:

  • A hierarchical structure of submitting and approving the budget.
  • Full auditing of all budgetary changes in value, format, etc.
  • Three allocation methods (equal, proportional, weighted).
  • Visual forms of reporting and comparing budgets.

Retain full control of the financial model.

  • Complete budgeting on time and schedule individual deadlines for each team member.
  • Drive top-down & bottom-up budgeting.
  • Easily access every detail of your budget, adding detailed financial and itemized information.
  • Forecast company results at the budget creation stage.

Test business scenarios at any time.

  • Create budget clones to support what-if analyses.
  • Copy budgets to support subsequent year versions.
  • Compare multiple budget versions.
  • Leverage familiar formula-building logic similar to Excel.
  • Manage the system without the need to burden IT.

A full-fledged analysis suite

We are Bilander. We develop a business intelligence technology.
Our toolset has prooved its abilities while working for the most demanding companies (IBM, Energa, Lotos).

Bilander is responsive. It has a full spectrum of useful functionalities. All accessible right from the start.

How about making it faster and easier to work with data?

Bilander supports process management

  • Approve budget and reports in accordance with the internal hierarchy of your organization.
  • Deliver complete and verified information to the Board.
  • Identify the authors and changes (the system provides a full audit).
  • Check progress and find delays (down to the area and individual positions).

A system designed to help you deliver results on time

  • Organize the planning process in accordance with the logic of work in your organization.
  • Assign tasks and define access only to the relevant data slices.
  • Control delays. Employees know the deadlines, and supervisors can easily check the current status.
  • Automate the creation of plans for financial statements (income statement, balance sheet, MPC).

Why Bilander?

  • It reflects the process (workflow) – approve a budget consistent with the structure of the company. Superiors accept the information provided by their subordinates. The Board receives complete data, approved by managers at all levels.
  • It is easy to use – Controlling teams can build their own budget and reports. The budget structure can be created by the organization without the support of IT.
  • The package holds the system & the know-how – we provide you with the toolset and the knowledge. It’s been tested by some of the most demanding and complex capital groups.
  • It’s adjustable to fit your needs – Bilander supports simple and complex budget / reporting processes. It scales from small to large companies (including capital groups with elements of financial consolidation).

Integrate your business systems

From production to accounting. From small to large databases.
We designed a technology that’s universal and works with most current systems.
Bilander provides the full picture of your company.

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