Boost the performance of your Terminal

Sure, your Terminal uses software with built-in reporting capabilities.
But can it integrate & report data from all of your systems?

Bilander does it all

It’s the least intrusive business intelligence software you can imagine.
Bilander is cost-conscious and reliable, and reports the complete information on the Terminal.
And there’s no need to replace any of your current systems!

We deliver solutions. You profit.

Quit data arguments. Improve cooperation.

Manage information exchange, and define different levels of access.

All stakeholders may input information and access it using single toolset.

All information in one place

We’ve designed Bilander to streamline the work of all departments.

It’s flexible and easy-to-use. It’s been tested in the most demanding organizations (including large capital groups). Our solution doesn’t require you to change any IT systems used by your organization. It doesn’t even require installation on users’ workstations (an internet browser is all you need to start).

We provide solutions. You gain.

Bilander aggregates data from virtually all systems used in your organization (including outside sources).


Integrate data from all
financial & operational systems

  • Analyze revenue quality. Get to the details / subgroups with one click.
  • Check performance in real time (e.g. TEU / cargo / warehouse operations).
  • Monitor financials – EBITDA (current, cumulative), costs, revenue, cash flow, etc.
  • Observe on a current basis performance vs plans and costs.
  • Check operational KPI’s – utilization (yard / warehouse / quay cranes), vessel service level, break-downs, delays, downtime etc.

How about making it faster and easier to work with data?

Efficiency analysis at the Container Terminal

Example reporting areas covered by Bilander

Sample areas of terminal activity supported by Bilander.

Current & historical data in one place

Immunize your data. Prevent loss.

Historical data is well-protected

Bilander safeguards your data in case any systems malfunction / are replaced.
Avoid costly data migration to a new system (and migration-errors!).

Historical snapshots? Not a problem!

Available 24/7

Access historical data, even if it has been removed from the system that produced it. Information is accessible 24/7 to anyone with authorized access.

New system or an upgrade? Easy.

Plug the new system in

Bilander, by design, is ready to receive a new stream of information. New data is connected to historical data stored by the system and is ready-to-use

A sample dashboard dedicated to the Container Terminal

1. Quay Crane productivity.
2. Quay Crane share in load / discharge moves.
3. Delays by Quay Crane.

Find out how can you work easier and faster