A proven solution that supports Management by Objectives

Set and monitor performance targets for your team members.
Have your managers know their tasks and the level of completion.
Access all the information in one place, at any time (24/7).

  • Motivate your team – Bilander helps you make the main (common) goals of the organization public and visible.
  • Define goals with different levels of detail – strategic, tactical, operational.
  • Delegate and cascade goals – build a hierarchy of objectives instead of only assigning goal elements to an individual role.
  • Transfer targets to subsequent periods and automatically replace the person responsible for their completion – it’s easy with Bilander.
  • Set targets based on the company’s organizational structure and individual data access levels.
  • Plan for any complexity of objectives.
  • Efficiently plan common objectives and at the same time set individual tasks that support them.
  • Specify degrees of responsibility for task execution.
  • Compare (benchmark) each unit / branch.
  • Any scale is manageable (from SMEs to capital groups).
  • Delegate strategic objectives to subordinates.
  • Monitor task completion with gauges, initiatives and milestones.
  • Observe progress on the go – you only need a glance to understand the current situation.
  • Run the process of periodic evaluations much more easily using Bilander.
  • No more waiting for reports – you have a toolset that updates data imported from multiple systems.
  • Automatic notifications – set them up and have Bilander remind employees to report their progress in the system.
  • No need to ask staff for reports – current information on their progress is easily accessible and presented in a convenient format.
  • Access all targets – they’re presented in one place without making you browse through numerous forms / worksheets.
  • Know who made changes and when – a detailed audit lists all the changes made by users.
  • Understand complex information thanks to data visualizations.
  • Export the results to an Excel file.
  • Use a printable employee goal sheet when required (e.g. in the case of periodic evaluation talk).

Bilander provides a system to define goals and assess the degree of their completion. We created this toolset with managers in mind. Bilander Goals is designed to strengthen the achievement of strategic objectives and makes the process of goal execution way easier.

The system supports the Management by Objectives strategy (MbO). It makes it easy to plan, monitor and evaluate the performance of your entire staff. Your management team establishes strategic goals and cascades them down the organization. At the same time goal execution is assessed on a regular basis.

How about making it faster and easier to work with data?

A thoroughly proven technology – we offer a toolset tested in real economic conditions. It is developed and maintained by our own engineers, providing you with instant support.

The system & the know-how combined. We want to provide you with the tools as well as the knowledge. Bilander supports some of the most demanding and complex capital groups. This know-how is an invaluable asset and can become an added value to your organization.

Ready in a few steps

Easily define and monitor all the elements of efficient Management by Objectives.

Integrate your business systems

From production to accounting. From small to large databases.
We designed a technology that’s universal and works with most current systems.
Bilander provides the full picture of your company.

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