A full-feature business intelligence suite

Reduce reporting time from weeks to seconds

Your managerial decisions can be more efficient than ever thanks to current information.


You know exactly how your company is doing. Bilander seamlessly integrates and updates data from most business systems. Eliminate time wasted on manual data consolidation.


Plan with outstanding precision. Make your business more effective. Three advanced forecasting models are built into Bilander. Algorithms may be tested and chosen automatically to optimize forecasting accuracy.


React quickly to business opportunities & threats. Receive automatic system notifications according to criteria defined by you.

Integrate your business systems

From production to accounting. From small to large databases.
We designed a technology that’s universal and works with most current systems.
Bilander provides the full picture of your company.

Analyze data from multiple systems in one place >

A full-fledged analysis suite

We are Bilander. We develop a business intelligence technology.
Our toolset has prooved its abilities while working for the most demanding companies (IBM, Energa, Lotos).

Bilander is responsive. It has a full spectrum of useful functionalities. All accessible right from the start.

Thousands of hours saved. One system.

Zrównoważona karta wyników w systemie business intelligence Bilander.

  1. Chart – a graphic supplement for Scorecards. It enables fast analysis of large amounts of data.
  2. Balanced Scorecard – presents key indicators of your organization. Harvard Business Review found the scorecard to be among the 100 most important economic ideas of the twentieth century.