Effectively connects to your company’s systems – there’s no need to replace your current IT solutions.

Minimal IT support required. We’ve created a system designed to suit business users’ needs.

Provides you with secure access to your data 24/7. Bilander has been tested in the most demanding companies.

It cooperates with most common systems.

Bilander adjusts to every device and display. It’s responsive, and works on a smartphone, tablet and computer.

What do we provide?

Bilander is a system designed for:

  • Reporting

  • Visualizing complex data sets
  • Financial analysis
  • Budgeting

  • Forecasting

  • Risk monitoring

  • Customer segmentation and analysis
  • Correlation analysis of customer behavior
  • Statistical analysis

Why use Bilander’s technology?

Your benefits

Make your business data work for you.

Bilander works for many industries


Energy, gas and oil, heat, water. All aspects – production, distribution and sales.


An advanced solution that supports terminals (both freight and passenger) and intermodal transport.

Budgeting and EPM

Accelerate the budgeting process, we support organization management (Enterprise Performance Management).

Trade, services, production

Key areas: sales, customer analytics, energy efficiency, budgeting, planning.

Customer analyses

Unique technologies that allow you to build models of customer behavior and implement customer segmentation.

Predictive analytics

Automatic updates of analyses in the areas necessary for development activities – forecasting.