Automatic aggregation of data.

  • Forget manual analysis updating – Bilander downloads fresh data automatically.
  • See data from all systems in a new light, gathered in one place.
  • Export and import data from Excel.
Spend more time acting and creating the future

  • Save time – define ready-to-use report drafts (e.g. managerial, operating, cyclical).
  • Improve internal information flow with report sharing.
  • Save analyses with one click in a format of your choice (e.g. PDF, PowerPoint, Excel, PNG).
  • Check the current situation anytime you wish.
  • Analyze any data set ad-hoc – without ordering a specialized report. Data and analyses are always at your disposal.
  • Efficiently control processes and projects.
  • Define the scope of permissions of every user.
  • Enable the simultaneous work of many team members in compliance with their access levels.
  • Make reports available while the system takes care of data security (each person will see information according to his/her access level).

  • Define your own key performance indicators.
  • Manage the system without involving the IT department.
  • Notifications for automatic monitoring and notifications on KPI changes.
  • In-system commenting & messaging.
  • Hybrid architecture – Bilander is an efficient solution. It works on a separate machine (server) and doesn’t take away computing power from your terminal or the company’s systems.

Data visualization

Our brain prefers visual analyses to rows of numbers. Use this to your advantage.

  • Reports that you understand – grasp the meaning of information in no time thanks to their graphic form. Draw conclusions that are impossible while working with numbers alone.
  • Just one look – instead of drowning in countless tables, evaluate the current situation in the company and act.
  • Control processes and projects – visual analyses enable you to monitor many tasks under your supervision.

Bilander works the way you want it to.

  • Customize your working environment – define your own colors, report location & content. You decide.
  • Better in-company cooperation – work progress is boosted when everyone sees data tailored to their needs (e.g. accounting, controlling, production, sales).
  • Analyze any timespan using data filtering (e.g. a report on selected products, locations and time).
Do your best when taking action. Stop wasting time on manual data collection.

  • Dashboards – analyze information from multiple sources on a single screen. Checking data in many systems is a thing of the past.
  • Just 3 minutes from raw data to a presentation for the Board – this is what reporting should be like. Take action instead of wasting weeks on data collection.
  • Just browse – Bilander can be accessed via the internet and provides your business data from any place.
  • Any device – view reports on any web-browser enabled device (PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc.).
  • Responsive system – it customizes the viewing experience to the screen of your device.
Bilander provides 30 types of visualization.

  • Most visualizations are interactive and allow data drilling.
  • Pivot tables and balanced scorecards.
  • Charts, maps, forecasts.
  • Real-time chart – perfect for keeping track of the current output.
  • Animated charts – help understand changes over time.
  • Wallboards / Kanban screens – show the progress of your team.