Dashboards to drive operational excellence

This object is so much more useful than a regular Pivot Table found at a regular spreadsheet. You can drill the data down to the bottom at will.

  1. More than just a Pivot Table – click any position and check details of an item (eg. a list of invoices).

Dashboard - a tool dedicated to managers | Bilander Platform

  1. Dashboard – check data from multiple sources on a single screen.
  2. Interactive charts with the ability to drill down to detailed data.
  3. Interactive maps, also with the ability to drill down.

Bubble chart - an object supporting data analysis in Bilander Platform

  1. Analyze four measurements on a single graph (impossible to display in an Excel table). It takes just seconds to spot the most efficient and profitable products.

Relationship analysis is easy in Bilander Platform

  1. Marketing campaign analysis – find the relationship between various levels of detail (eg. sales of individual product groups broken down into components).

Zrównoważona karta wyników w systemie business intelligence Bilander.

  1. Balanced Scorecard – presents key indicators of your organization. Harvard Business Review found the scorecard to be among the 100 most important economic ideas of the twentieth century.
  2. Chart – a graphic supplement for Scorecards. It enables fast analysis of large amounts of data.

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